Located at the heart of a community where the average annual income is under $40,000 per family, the Pompano Beach Library, Cultural Arts & Media Center was developed to provide broad access to knowledge, technology, and 21st century tools for creativity. To that end the project was developed to combine the richness of a state-of-the-art public library, that is equal parts children and adult services, with a cutting-edge cultural arts and media center. This combination gives shape to a one-of-a-kind innovative teaching and learning center unprecedented in the public realm. For two different sets of clients, budgets, and management teams the programs are uniquely separate but symbiotic, and are arranged to complement one another, promoting innovation and collaboration. The technology at the library is intended to introduce users of all ages to new media with spaces such as the YouMedia lab for kids. At the Cultural Arts and Media Center, the public has access to production spaces and advanced classes enabling entrepreneurial activities and collaborative projects.

Achieved LEED Gold Certification.

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
Size: 25,000sf Public Library; 21,000sf Cultural Arts and Media Center
Architect of Record: Silva Architects

Selected Awards:
AIA FL Merit Award of Excellence for New Work
AIA Miami Design Award