The Madawaska Land Port of Entry required a high degree of coordination between consultants and federal agencies. Security and staff needs, as well as the inspection processes, are very particular to this Land Port of Entry and its site along the St. John River. The preliminary stages of the project involved extensive site planning and traffic engineering studies to determine the appropriate site. There are many demands on the selected site: provide a welcoming, but secure front for visitors; establish a positive relationship between the facility and its neighbors; and structure the movement of commercial and private vehicles through the inspection areas. Site constraints present physical challenges—with a steep topography and a perimeter bound by natural preservation zones, railroad tracks and the river. Our design strives to create a poignant design that addresses the program restraints and responds to the complexity of the natural and built topography of the site to serve as an iconic gateway to the U.S. The design process has sought sustainable solutions throughout to ensure LEED certification.

Location: Madawaska, Maine
Size: 28,500sf
Status: Unbuilt (Site re-evaluated)