Lover’s Lane Residence. This home for a New Jersey family explores the relationship between the longevity of structures and their ever-changing uses. The passing of time is always at odds with the permanency of building. This loose fit between program and building is all the more evident in our domestic spaces. In the short term, our daily routine requires spaces to multitask, from rest to work, from pleasure to chore, from fun to nurture.  In the long term, individual needs change as our bodies grow old, while families take many forms, expand, move away, return and even fracture. Our design accepts the prevailing market trend for a three-bedroom home with two car garage and guest room, the pre-requisite for a home loan. But within that framework, the house is laid out so that it can transform as desired.

Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Size: 4,600sf (plus finished basement and garage)
Status: Under Construction