The design of Helios House embraces the paradox of creating a green gas station while creating a memorable structure in the neighborhood. Helios House transforms the site’s existing features — the ground, canopy, cashier kiosk, back building, and two price signs — while incorporating green building features and messages into the project. The strong image of the project and its innovative sustainable features has become a source of identity and pride for the neighborhood. With two structures and 10,000sf of construction, the design of the canopy is the most emblematic feature of the project. While conventional gas stations combine functionally distinct elements (canopy, columns, kiosk, and sign), this project develops a formal logic to integrate all of these elements into one seamless whole. The triangulated stainless steel panels reconcile complex, and sometimes contradictory, requirements of the site, program, codes, and zoning ordinances, and establish the site identity.

Location: Los Angeles, California
Architect of Record: Johnston Marklee

Helios House is the first LEED Certified gas station in the U.S.

Selected Awards:
I.D Magazine Annual Design Review: Environments, Design Distinction Award
Clio Awards: Grand Clio Award for Design

AIA Los Angeles Design Award