Our proposal for Guggenheim Helsinki embraces the foundation’s legacy of innovation while contributing to the unique site characteristics and the opportunities presented by the cultural heritage of Helsinki. To this end, we developed a building that welcomes visitors and re-connects them to Helsinki at large. Acting as a public ground, the building reinforces linkages between key areas of the city: Market Square, Senate Square and Splanadi Park, the harbor and Tahtitornin Vuori Park.

By continuing the existing harbor walk, our building serves as a nexus between nearby city experiences and the new ones inside. Inside, the continuation, smoothly connects the building levels with an extended ramp, culminating with access back to the city. This configuration allows for a great variety of gallery spaces to accommodate various types of work, and great flexibility in exhibition curation. Capitalizing on Finland’s extraordinary wood resources, the building’s skin is designed as a flexible system that enables control over natural light, further grounding the building in its location.

Location: Helsinki, Finland (unbuilt)