Fabrications at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) examines the potential of manipulating folded steel plate technology as a way of blurring the traditional distinction between structure and skin. It sought to activate the garden of the Museum of Modern Art just prior to the courtyard’s closing for the museum’s renovation. The project became a focal point of the garden by providing bleacher seating in the lower level, a small exhibition area underneath it, and climbing over the wall of the museum to announce itself to the public. The form of the project shifts in shape dramatically depending on the viewers point of view creating a very dynamic experience of the project.

Digitally fabricated but folded by hand, the project explores the tension between hand made and machine made. Capitalizing on the precision of digitally guided equipment, the figure is calculated according to optical illusions and anamorphic principles, giving the proposal distinct shapes from different points of view. Variations in the density of the perforations lighten the steel structure as the geometry unfolds, while allowing the passage of light to the space beneath.

Location: New York, New York