This two-level Conrad NY Conference and Events Center is located at the Conrad New York Downtown Hotel in New York’s Battery Park City. The facility can be accessed independently from North End Way, as well as from the hotel lobby. Commitment to public art is continued throughout the space and our design is rooted in blending art and architecture at unique moments to enhance both.

Pat Steir’s expansive wall painting, Topsy Turvy, greets visitors as they climb up our floating staircase. This hanging stair recalls the geometry and effect of the hanging veils in the hotel’s Atrium (also designed by MPdL Studio), but is clad in wood as a means of making it more intimate for the events in the space.

Fully equipped with technology, the center was designed to house a wide range of events in over 30,000sf of adaptable, integrated, and highly configurable space, including a 6,200sf Gallery Ballroom. The program includes two large meeting rooms and seven breakout rooms with built-in flexibility allowing the large meeting rooms to be subdivided into medium sized spaces, while some of the breakout rooms can be combined. The foyer spaces are comfortably sized to host receptions and other events.

Achieved LEED Gold Certification.

Location: New York, New York
Size: 44,200sf (two-levels)

Selected Awards:
ALIS Development of the Year Award